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Pest Control


Termite Control

Companies on specialize in pest control and termites are some of the biggest reported menace found in homes. These pests cause damage rolling to billions every year and immediately they are spotted, they should be eliminated. They mostly feed on wood. They can kill a living tree by feeding on the bark. It is not easy to eliminate them from homes and trained experts should be used for this.

Termite infestation happens any time of the year. The colonies start gathering during spring when the weather is warm and there is a lot of rain. During this time, the winged swarmers fly to homes and this is the time to start getting rid of them. At this point, they can be cleared by vacuuming but if they have already started feeding on structures, one should call the experts. The invasion of termites costs people a lot of money and is very stressing. One needs to understand the type of termite that has invaded because there are different ways of dealing with the different types. Some people who have tried to get rid the termites themselves end up very disappointed and in some cases regretful. This is because they can remain for years and the damage caused will be permanent.

The reason why you should seek the help of professionals like is because we know how to get the entry points of the termites. These points are normally very hidden and hard to access. The most common way of getting rid of termites is by using gallons of termiticide which is a liquid pesticide that is poured in the house foundation, underneath concrete slaps, on the wall foundations and all the other places the termites are.

Termite control companies should be licensed by the agency that regulates pest control. We give our clients warranty to deal with the problem should they return within a certain time frame. For this, we do not charge. This is always done in writing. The termiticide should be able to provide control for at least five years.

Pest Control Chemicals

The chemicals that are used should be environmentally friendly because they are used in large quantities. Some of them damage the soil and make it nonproductive. They should be friendly to people too. In some areas, the termites have become resistant to the pesticides if the control is not done the right way and the proper quantities used.

There are organic control methods of eliminating termites but these have been found not to be as effective. Studies are still being done on this though. is the largest directory of Pest Control. You can also find Home Pest Control, Organic Pest Control, Ant Control, Insect Control, Rodent Control, Spider Control, Mice Control, Bug Control. Find a Pest Control near you, read & write reviews, receive money saving offers, and get directions all in just ONE CLICK! Make your choice!